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Update on Pads & Signs

Teepads in the stream buffer (the ones that are still carpet) just received approval today, so construction will begin as soon as we can schedule the contractors.  This is for the following teepads: 1-short, 2-short, 3 (both), 11 (both), 18 (both). Signs: the signs are being created right now and the frames are being fabricated. […]

Construction Update & March ’14 PDGA Tourney

Signs have been officially ordered after a week of finalizing pin locations, measuring and sketching the holes.  They should be finished by late December, and we’ll start installing them right away.  We’re having frames custom manufactured to be very difficult to vandalize — 2.5″ steel filled with concrete and welded to an angled 0.25″ steel […]

Tee Signs — Coming Soon

Tee signs were approved yesterday and should be installed this year.  We’ll getting the Houck Tee Signs Platinum signs http://www.houckdesign.com/platinum_tee_signs.html angle mounted onto a custom fabricated steel (bomb proof) frame.  These signs will be awesome and vandalism resistant.  Each teepad will have its own sign.

Iron Leaf Results

The Iron Leaf Classic tournament went off without a hitch on 10/6/2013.  Scores have been posted to: http://www.pdga.com/tournament_results/107213   Looks like a scratch round (i.e. 1000 rated) is about a 54.   Stats are posted here:Perk scores – Iron Leaf October 2013

More sheep carnage

It’s been 3 glorious weeks of utter sheep destruction on Perkerson’s kudzu, privet and thorns.  See below for new photos.  The most striking thing is how much stuff — trash, branches, artifacts, bodies?, etc is sitting on the ground but usually invisible.  Sheep were pulled out today, and 9 will be going back to long […]

Course Update, Volunteers, Sheep, etc

Today we had about 20 employees from Ernst & Young graciously donate their time (and a small budget) for an erosion control project on hole 8 & 9.  We also had 6 other volunteers out working hard to clear the privet and other invasives left prone by the sheep herd, who has munched through holes […]

Sheep Progress

It’s a smaller herd than last year, but they’ve been hungry and have destroyed the kudzu on hole 17.  These photos are after about a week in this spot: Watch out for the guard dog, we hear he likes discs:

Sheep Update

The herd is arriving two weeks ahead of schedule — look for them setting up by mid-week.  Last year there were about 200 sheep (mostly) & goats, with two sheperd dogs.  The sheep will be enclosed in an electric fence and will rotate throughout the park through the most overgrown areas.  If you throw into […]