Adopt a Hole Volunteer Program


For more information on the adopt-a-hole program, see this document: Adopt_a_hole_Perk_7.7

We’re rolling out a new volunteer program at Perkerson.  If you’ve been interested in getting involved with improving the course but haven’ t been able to make it to a workday, check this out — it’s a way to volunteer on your schedule.

Objective: Perkerson disc golf course was built with the commitment that volunteer labor would be used to build and maintain the course.  This program is intended to empower and enable the people that benefit from the course to take ownership of the course and give it the maintenance it needs.  As a participant, you will adopt – take ownership – of a selected hole on the course.  Your basic objective is to make your hole better than anyone else’s.

Responsibility: At a minimum maintain, but ideally improve your selected hole at Perkerson.  The minimum requirement is keeping your hole in good playable condition with at least monthly trimming during the growing season (May – October).

Eligibility: Open to anyone, individuals or groups.  In the event there is availability, more than one hold may be adopted.  All participants are required to attend a 1-hour orientation at the park to learn about what we can and can’t do.

Resources: You will have unlimited use of the Perkerson Disc Golf Tool Bank.  Labor can performed by you or purchased for $15/hour.