Upcoming Course Volunteer Workdays on 2/9/14 and 2/22/14

Please come help out at Perkerson on February 9th and February 22nd. Those dates were selected to accommodate folks who want to play other tournaments nearby, have time to spare on weekends, and don’t directly conflict with any other events in the Atlanta area before the Perkerson Park Open. If you cannot make those days but want to volunteer, contact me and we will find a time that works.

Plan to meet at 0900 at the lower parking lot. We’ll work for a few hours (say, until noon or a little after), and then play the course. No official action, but you’re welcome to bet anything up to a kidney. I will be there regardless of weather. You will too.

Sunday, February 9th:

-Set final pins on holes 5 (left), 6 (middle), 9 (long), 11 (dig up one a mower hit), 12 (left), 13 (short). All others are complete.
-Transfer discarded sod from hole 13′s fairway to around teepads
-Cut branches on 1
-Clear better path on 5
-Remove branches/debris/litter all over course
-Cut 4x4s in sections, screw together to make square frames, place frames around pins

Saturday, February 22nd:

-Put in signs. We’re hoping they will be ready to place by that time.

For the first workday (February 9th), it would be great if you could contact me at afish3, gmail, or post here with any relevant tools you can bring.

I will bring:
1 wheelbarrow
1 box screws
1 level
1 pair loppers
1 handsaw
2 shovels
1 post-hole digger
8 bags concrete
3 buckets
1 hammer
basket sleeves

I need someone else to bring:
3 wheelbarrows
1 ladder (10′ or greater)
Up to 47 untreated 4x4s, 8 ft
Circular saws capable of cutting 4x4s
Extension cords
Carpenters squares
Measuring tapes
Additional shovels, rakes, handsaws, loppers, post-hole diggers, hammers, buckets
Angle grinders and sufficient cutting wheels to cut rebar

You may notice that this list includes angle grinders and circular saws. Circular saws won’t happen unless we have enough 4x4s. If you wish to use either of those power tools, you will wear long pants, closed-toed shoes, leather workgloves, safety glasses, and ear protection. There will be no exceptions. We will not be using chainsaws during this workday.

Thank you for your help. If you whine about the course and don’t offer any help, you will receive a Destroyer to the windpipe.

afish3, gmail