Update on Pads & Signs

Teepads in the stream buffer (the ones that are still carpet) just received approval today, so construction will begin as soon as we can schedule the contractors.  This is for the following teepads: 1-short, 2-short, 3 (both), 11 (both), 18 (both).

Signs: the signs are being created right now and the frames are being fabricated.  Expected completion date is late December for both, and installation will happen as soon as the signs arrive.


We desperately need volunteers to continue working on the course.  The people who built it are busy with work & family and don’t have time to do anything right now, let alone play the course.  Lots of people have expressed interest in helping, but only a few have.  If you have any interest, please click on the “Contact Us” tab and fill out the form to send us an email, and we’ll let you know about ways to volunteer.