Construction Update & March ’14 PDGA Tourney

Signs have been officially ordered after a week of finalizing pin locations, measuring and sketching the holes.  They should be finished by late December, and we’ll start installing them right away.  We’re having frames custom manufactured to be very difficult to vandalize — 2.5″ steel filled with concrete and welded to an angled 0.25″ steel plate.  The sign, which is similar to a stop sign, will be mounted to the plates with a strong adhesive.  I’ve posted before, but the signs will be Houck Platinum signs.  The signs will look most like the Austin Ridge and Circ Hill templates

We thought we had final clearance to move forward on the 8 teepads in the stream buffer, but have been thrown back into another bureaucratic procedure that will delay it at least two weeks.  I’ll explain the process, so you understand why this course has been so difficult to complete and always takes longer than expected.

These 8 teepads are within the 75′ city of Atlanta stream buffer, which requires a city process as well as the 25′ state of GA stream buffer, which requires a process that takes (for some reason) 6 months to complete.  The city process entails mailing certified letters to property owners who abut the stream on either side of the park and posting a public notice sign for 1 month.  There are only two relevant land owners, who are both large corporations, so this is easy and nobody appealed the process during the 30-day period.  This was completed over the summer, then we moved onto the state process … in June.

We finally heard back from the state last week, who refused to opine on the 5 teepads located behind the stone retaining wall on #1, #11 and #18.  In their eyes, the wall negates any need for a buffer, and they refuse to make a call on something that is the city’s responsibility, so the process is thrown back to the city — this also means that the last 5-month process was completely unneccessary for those 5 teepads.  The state also denied the other teepad locations for #2 short (we’ll move it uphill, playing similar to #2 long) and #3 positions will both have to move uphill 3 (three) feet.  So – sounds like we’re approved to keep these 5 teepads behind the wall where they are, since the stricter state says it doesn’t even consider it a stream buffer, right?  No.  Now the watershed folks must convene for a formal review by their committee, which meets next during the first week of December.  Kind of amazing, considering we’re talking about 5 teepad locations that sit on a former road (dig down and there is a 3″ layer of gravel under the dirt) … that have concave drainage and major erosion problems because they drain away from the creek already.  And the total area of disturbance in that area is 300 square feet.  And the teepads are a recycled, permeable material that will be constructed with hand tools in a single day.    The only possible scenario in which the teepads could conceivably cause adverse drainoff would be if the contractor built it during a major thunderstorm, which wouldn’t ever happen.  Back to the waiting game.  As soon as these are approved they will be built.  In the meantime, the streams are full of trash, as are the parks, and the woods are all overrun with privet and other invasives.

Now, imagine the Atlanta Braves trying to run their operation and think about why they really left for Cobb County when the opportunity presented itself …..

Pin updates: the FINAL layout is done.  Fish is installing pin positions as he is able, and would appreciate any help.  The course is looking fantastic with clearly defined fairways and rough that has all been cleared (except #5 and #18).   There are 14 pins left to install (of 51 total), and several existing pins will move from current locations.  We’re very happy with the final layout — every hole and every pin position should be a good one, and gives the course a TON of variety.

The 6th annual Perkerson Park Open C-Tier will be held Sunday March 8th, 2014.  This will be the first tournament on a fully finished course.  Registration will begin Jan 1st, 2014.  This tournament has sold out EVERY year we’ve held it and will be capped at about 80 spots.  Here are scores from last year: If anyone knows a good charity to benefit that’s near the park (downtown Atlanta area), please contact us.  Format will be two rounds of singles, limited divisions, cheap entry, trophy/prizes only payout, with proceeds going to finish Perk’s installation and likely to a local charity.