Sheep Update

The herd is arriving two weeks ahead of schedule — look for them setting up by mid-week.  Last year there were about 200 sheep (mostly) & goats, with two sheperd dogs.  The sheep will be enclosed in an electric fence and will rotate throughout the park through the most overgrown areas.  If you throw into the enclosure, we will make arrangements with the sheperd for a pre-determined stash location.  Or you can chance it … but the dogs are trained to guard the sheep, and may bite.

The impact on the vegetation is dramatic, and this will quickly improve the condition of the course.  The sheep will eat everything green on the ground and up to about 4′ off the ground.   While it completely strips the privet and other invasives of leaves, it does not kill them.

The plants will be very prone and easy to remove after the sheep, so we need to make a concerted effort to remove privet from the course area this fall.