17 Long

Ready for Rubber

As of today, all of the Phase 1 teepads (26 or 28, we lost track) are ready for rubber.  During this week the masonry walls were reinforced and finished; additional timber walls were added to retain soil; and gravel was added to all pads.  The last step in the gravel is compaction, using a portable compactor called a “wacker packer”.  Each pad is now level and the gravel is compacted to 90%.

Rubber pouring will begin on Thursday 8/15/13.  We’ve been advised that the rubber will turn white if it gets rained upon before drying, so hopefully the weather holds off.

It is VERY important that if you use the course in the next week, that you stay off of the compacted gravel teepads and stay off of the rubber teepads until they have cured.  This takes a couple of days, depending on the weather.  Please don’t be the one to mess up the teepads, we need them done right the first time.

Now, the photos you’ve been waiting for: