Volunteer Help Needed (Soon)

As you may have seen on http://perkersondiscgolf.com/ or in person, the course is coming along, and the contract work to put in most of the new teepads is scheduled for early next month. However, most of the folks who’ve really laid the foundation for the course are busy with other things, and aren’t able to put in the time they’d like, and that the course needs. So if you have some time during the week–morning, evening, whenever, it would be great if you could come out and spend a couple hours to help improve the course.  Our primary volunteer coordinator (the one who has been building those nice stairs), is moving away at the end of July, so we need to accomplish as much as possible in the next 5 weeks.

Right now, I have a standing worktime of 10:00 on Wednesdays. For the foreseeable future, we’ll be putting in some new pin locations. You’re welcome to join at that time. We have some tools, but another wheelbarrow for concrete mixing, post-hole diggers, and a level would be very helpful. If that doesn’t work for you, please let me know; I’d be glad to come down there at whatever time works for you.

Current projects:

  • You’ve probably seen the stone steps that have gone in around the course. There will be a couple more similar projects to finish up to improve the course flow and erosion control.
  • Some parts of the course don’t drain that well, so we’ll be working on those.
  • 30+ wew pin locations need to be laid, as well as clearing parts of the fairways to get to them.

Things you can do while you’re playing:

  • Bring a grocery bag or two and pick up trash. Most of the fairways are pretty clear, but bottles and chip bags and stuff keep popping up. This takes maybe five minutes during a round, but really helps the aesthetics of the course.
  • Bring pair of loppers or hand shears and cut back privet shoots and stuff. In the woods, some stumps were too cumbersome to remove, and they’ve continued to produced shoots. Cutting those back to the stump again can buy us some time until we can get the stumps out completely (If it’s on the fairway and smaller than your thumb, consider it fair game).

Please help us out, the course needs some more love.