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More Progress — New Pins & Stairs

Thanks to the hard working crew of Fish & Doug, 4 new basket location were installed on holes 10 & 11 today; each hole now has 3 positions.  Also the stairs between #2 & #3 are now completed or very nearly completed (see pic below).

Eventually, nearly every hole will have 3 pin positions (some will have 2).  We’ve marked the positions for holes 7-9 and will be marking the remaining holes soon, now that the teepad locations are set.  If you see flags and blue x’s on these holes, those are the probable locations.  Many of the existing pin locations are NOT the final locations; rather they were installed to make the course playable off the temporary teepads, which were also installed for quick play-ability vs permanency.  If you think the course is playing too easy now, don’t worry, we’re trying to fix that !