More Details on Upcoming Construction

We’re within 1-2 weeks of starting construction of the teepad phase.  Work during this stage will entail:

  • Tree Planting: (9) 2.5″ hardwood trees of three species planted throughout the course.  These are recompense trees; additional plantings will come during Phase II
  • Tree Removal: A few of the fairways (1 & 7) will have branches trimmed to open up fairways; we’ll also be removing some of the remaining fairway stumps and dead trees in teepad areas.  The city will be sending a crew through the woods this summer to clear the remaining hazardous dead trees.
  • Teepad Construction: 27 of 35 teepads will be installed during Phase I.  The remaining 8 teepads are within the stream buffer and require special state approval that will take up to 6 months to obtain.  Teepads will be the same size as the two test pads and of similar, but different rubber material.  The material used doesn’t appear to be holding up well enough, so we’re exploring options with a manufacturer for the best blend – which will likely be a mix of the shredded rubber, EPMD granular rubber, and possibly small stone.

Please play around the progress when you use the course.  If you see rubber that has recently been installed, stay off until it dries and the caution signs are removed.  Phase I will likely take several weeks to a month to complete.

Phase II will include, kiosk, permanent signage, 8 remaining teepads and additional tree plantings to form a buffer to the street on hole 16.

Our volunteer labor force has been diminished to one person for the last few months.  If you want to help, contact us for more information.