Teepad material sample.  Recycled rubber tires mixed with special polymer.  This is the coloring the short pads will have (mixed brown and black) and the long pads will be solid black.

April 2013 Update

We’ve spent the last few weeks busy working with the city and contractors to finalize construction plans. Construction plans were completed last week and will be pending approval through mid-April.

The final plan calls for teepads to be made from a recycled tire rubber material. The material is grippy even when wet, very durable and very water permeable. As far as we know it’s never been used as a disc golf teepad material before, but looks to be an excellent material for our sport. It is most commonly used on playgrounds and for walking trails.

Two test teepads were built this week on #16 long and #12 long. The remaining teepads will be constructed after final approvals are obtained.

Here are some photos taken of recent progress in the park during the last month.