2007 – 2011: Temporary Course

The ADGO has been actively pursuing a permanent disc golf course in Perkerson Park since early 2007, when we first met with Park Pride for initial project guidance. There was quite a bit of momentum with the course movement in 2008, with formal written approval gathered from all surrounding neighborhoods, but it ultimately stalled out at the Parks Department level. The effort was revived successfully in 2011. During the process, we later learned that disc golf had been proposed at Perkerson Park on two prior occasions: in the 1980s (failed due to lack of funding) and in the early 2000s (failed due to lack of funding).

Since 2007, the ADGO has held over 150 disc golf events in Perkerson Park on a temporary course that was regarded as one of the best courses in the southeast US. In the Summer of 2007, our first event was held using temporary baskets and a temporary course layout. This event evolved into a weekly Daylight Savings Time league by Fall of 2007, attracting 20+ people each week, as well as a series of large monthly events held during the winter that attracted 50+ people. The weekly league ran consistently through Fall of 2011.

We have also organized an annual sanctioned / charity fundraising tournament that has sold out 5 consecutive years and raised nearly $10,000 for the Sullivan Center, a local Southwest Atlanta charity located 2 blocks from Perkerson Park. The ADGO has organized several invasive species cleanups with neighborhood and Park Pride volunteers to remove privet and trash from the park. The ADGO has also hosted 10 sessions of disc golf introductory clinics at the park with teenagers from the surrounding neighborhoods.

2011 – 2012: Permanent Course

In early 2011, the City of Atlanta showed interest in the course and the efforts to make the course permanent were revived. The ADGO presented the idea to all local neighborhoods (Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, Sylvan Hills and NPU-X) and received formal approval from all parties. The ADGO was actively involved in a master planning project throughout 2011 with Atlanta Beltline and City of Atlanta.

The course was given green light to begin installation in December 2011, and the ADGO began holding volunteer workdays to clear the course area beginning on January 1, 2012. Project approval was contingent upon the ADGO funding the entire course installation with 100% volunteer labor and donations.

The ADGO has held over 40 weekend workdays since January 1, 2012 and has recorded over 1,200 manual labor volunteer hours in 2012 towards installing the course. As of late December 2012, the course is approximately 70% installed. It is fully playable (but still rough) with a single set of temporary carpet teepads, permanent baskets and temporary signage. However, it lacks the finishing touches of permanent signage, two sets of concrete teepads, and continued removal of undergrowth.

In October 2012, the Perkerson Park Disc Golf Course was awarded a $46,500 grant through Park Pride to fund the remaining installation of the course along with permanent teepads, signage and other amenities. Click here for more information.